Summit 2016

After having wonderful experience last year at Summit 2015, I decided I had to come to Summit 2016 immediately after 2015 ended.  I was probably on the flight home to Pittsburgh thinking of ways to convince my boss that they needed to send me back next year.  Well, this year was alot different!  I began running the In-Memory Virtual Chapter and got enough speakers and sessions booked that I got a comped pass for Summit(THANK YOU PASS!)!  This made convincing my boss THAT much easier!

Several things have changed since last year though.  My career has changed from a support DBA to Cloud Data Architect.  What does that mean SQL wise?  Nothing really, I just do more than just SQL Server.  My heart will always beat for SQL though.

I met so many wonderful people last year when I was just trying to blend in and get through the events without having a panic attack from the amount of people there.  Seriously, it was alot!

This year is no different.  After working on my PTSD with therapy, and making friends that I knew would be here and relying on them to let me glob on when I am feeling uneasy, has made this experience so much better.  I get to go out to the after parties and enjoy talking with folks.  I still have a hard time approaching people, but if they come to me, I will chat them up for hours!  I finally met a few people in person that I have wanted to for a long time: @DBArgenis, and @JasonHorner.  It really surprised me that they both recognized me without me having to say “Hi I am @SQLFlipFlopsDBA”.  Both of these gentlemen do a ton for our community and I look forward to speaking with them more this week.

There are so many folks that I still need to meet and talk with, but from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to tell all of you, THANK YOU!  My Wife challenged me to come out here last year, and make some new contacts/friends.  When I got back she asked how it went, and was blown away by me telling her all of the folks I met.  She did get a bit upset that I did not attend any of the social events last year, but she understood(Shes awesome!).

So, in closing, if you see me around Summit 2016, please come up and say HI!  Hugs aren’t needed, a firm handshake is fine, but I would like to meet as many of you all that I can while I am here.



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